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Lock Rekeying Services

Rekeying Locks Is an Affordable and Effective Way to Improve Your Security

You don’t always need new locks when you lose your keys or move into a new place. Plainsman Lock and Key is a licensed, trained, and professional mobile locksmith in Lee and Baldwin counties that’s available 24 hours a day for changing locks and lock rekeying services. We are an experienced locksmith for houses, businesses, and cars who can change locks on a new house, change locks to high-security locks or set you up with multiple locks/same key systems that simplify your residential and business security systems. Give us a call today to find out why we’re the most trusted 24-hour mobile locksmith in the Gulf Coast area.

What Is Lock Rekeying?

door lock with lock cylinder removed

Here’s a door lock cylinder we rekeyed. The colorful dots are metal pins that come in different heights that correspond with the cuts on your door key.

​Lock rekeying is a method for changing locks that can save you money on new hardware. We can update the internal cylinder of your lock so that the old key doesn’t work anymore, and grind you a set of keys for the new configuration. By replacing the pins in the lock cylinder with new ones we can effectively set you up with new locks without replacing the entire lock hardware, cutting the cost of a total lock replacement. Rekeying the cylinder in the locks on house doors, commercial structures, and other common security systems to work with new keys is an efficient way to update your security. Our professional locksmiths work with all kinds of security systems, and we can have your deadbolt, door lock or other system rekeyed and ready for service right away.

When Do You Need Rekeying Service?

There are a lot of reasons you might call us for rekeying services. If you’ve lost your keys or had a break-in, or if you’ve recently moved into your house, or a tenant has moved out, it’s worth your time to change the locks as soon as possible. If you operate a commercial property anywhere in the Gulf Coast area, we can help you keep your site security setup up to date and functioning well. We can change your lock tumblers in just a few minutes, in many cases, and you’ll have the new keys in hand before the job is done. Whether you need your locks changed as a normal part of doing business, or your home security has been compromised and you need an emergency lock change fast, you can give us a call 24 hours a day and set up a visit from one of our trained, licensed and professional mobile locksmiths.

Residential Lock Rekeying

lock cylinder pin

Here you see a lock cylinder pin in the palm of our tech’s hand and the box with all the different sizes of pins in multiple colors.

The trained residential locksmiths at Plainsman Lock and Key can rekey residential door locks anywhere in your house. We have experience rekeying locks on interior doors, exterior access points, and doors on outbuildings, such as sheds, garages, and other external structures. When we rekey front door locks for you, we guarantee the results with all our years of experience in rekey service. Our professional locksmiths are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we can rekey home locks, rekey deadbolts and rekey locks at apartments, homes, condos, and other residential structures. Call us today to ask about our satisfaction guarantee and to schedule a visit for your residential lock rekeying, wherever you live in Baldwin and Lee counties.

Commercial Lock Rekeying

Businesses all over the Mobile Bay Area trust the pros at Plainsman Lock and Key for lock rekeying near Alabama’s Gulf Coast. We rekey business locks on secure access points, steel, glass, and wooden doors, as well as for electronic and digital access systems. We can set up multiple locks that use the same key for common areas with multiple authorized parties, letting you better control the movements of people around your office or shop. We use leading hardware brands, such as Schlage, Kwikset, and Baldwin, to make sure you have solid, effective protection for all of your access points. We can work on offices, workshops, and factory facilities, often with same-day visits and always with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Professional Lock Rekeying on Alabama’s Gulf Coast

Wherever you are on the Alabama coast, the professional locksmiths at Plainsman Lock and Key are nearby to provide expert lock rekeying service for almost any type of lock system at your office or home. We specialize in emergency service and same-day visits, and we stand by the work we do on every job. Call us today at (251) 309-LOCK for appointments in Baldwin County, or at (334) 633-LOCK for service in Lee County. Be sure to ask about special pricing for active duty military, veterans, seniors, and returning customers when you call and set up a consultation about your residential or commercial rekeying service.